In 1951 the world was invaded by monsters of various kinds and in various ways.  These beasts were battled by heroes from every walk of life.  The most impressive of these men was Colonel Patrick Hendry (Kenneth Toby).  Hendry battled a monster carrot at the Arctic Circle, a dinosaur creature in New York City, and a giant octopus that ate San Francisco.  By 1972 the last of these monsters had been defeated.  For a time, all was quiet.

The small town of Santa Mira has been experiencing a rash of disappearances.  Sheriff Lance Boiler (R. G. Wilson) is at a loss as to what is going on.  The sheriff is approached by Agent Jeff Stewart (John Goodwin) from the Office of Scientific Information.  Jeff accompanies the sheriff as they chase down a car thief.  They take Icthio-paleontologist, Dr. Nikki Carlton (Brinke Stevens) with them.  As they corner the thief he is attacked and eaten by a gigantic three eyed monster.     

They find and enlist Colonel Patrick Hendry to help.  Hendry is now residing at the Veteran Hospital Psychiatric clinic.  Meanwhile, Nikki visits the Museum of Natural Monsters to see Dr. Helen Dobson (Lori Nelson).  Dr. Dobson identifies the beast as the Monstersaurus Erectus, the missing link between man and dinosaur, which has been extinct for 45 years.  It is a radioactive prehistoric alien monster from another dimension.  The Thing from another time zone.

A task force is created, and troops are mobilized to battle the beast.

“The Naked Monster” AKA “Attack of the B-Movie Monster” was released in 2005 and was directed by Ted Newsom and Wayne Berwick.  It is an American low budget comedy science fiction monster fan film.

In 1984 Ted Newsom, based on a bet, created a low budget B-movie he called “Attack of the B-Movie Monster” for $2,500.  The black and white one-hour film had a modest release on VHS in 1985.  In 1992 Newsom revisited the project.  Newsom ended up tinkering with the film, adding stuff and cutting stuff, until he eventually ended up with “The Naked Monster”.  

This is a baby boomer movie.  Every monster movie from the fifties is represented.  Includes clips from old monster movies, puns about old monster movies, various lines from different movies, theme songs from different monster movies, stars from old monster movies, quirky character names, bad jokes, lame jokes and stupid jokes.  In some cases, they even use sound bites from the original movies they are spoofing.  It’s like a really low budget remake of “Airplane” 1980 but with a monster.  Names of places from horror movies are also used.  There is even a movie within a movie.  Add in is a touch of gratuitous nudity and everything is complete. 

In the movie there is a section where the authorities ask for suggestions from the populace on how to deal with the monster.  Stars from various monster movies call the hotline and give suggestions that worked on creatures from whatever monster movie they had starred in during the fifties.  The film includes cameos by John Agar, Robert Clarke, Robert Cornthwaite, George Fenneman, Robert Shayne, Paul Marco, Ann Robinson, Les Tremayne, Forrest J. Ackerman and Bob Burns.

The whole movie is a bit of a hoot and a nice walk down memory lane.  A little sacrilegious walk, but still nice.

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