The Jin Tian’ao Real Estate Company has just purchased a group of islands.  They plan on developing the largest one into a resort island.  Unfortunately, the island, called Snake King Island, is inhabited by thousands and thousands of snakes.  The company sends a black-market snake hunting gang led by Jin Loa Si (Hongqian Wang) to the island to capture all the snakes.

Chen Zheng (Liu Lincheng) is the descendant of a legendary person called Snake King.  He believes that the island is the home of the legendary Titan Python.  The Python is thought to be extinct and is the largest snake ever to have existed.  The Titan Python is referred to as the queen of snakes.  When Chen Zheng’s friend Scarface is killed by a giant snake, Zheng decides to go to the island and confirm that the snake does exist.   Zheng is accompanied to the island by his friend Ma Fen (Weifeng Rong) and an animal protection expert, Zhou Xiao Xiao (Yun Shao).

Zheng and his companions end up tangling with Loa Si and his thugs.  They also find the legendary Titan Python.  Xiao Xiao turns out not to be who she says she is.  She finds the snakes nest and steals one of its eggs.  The Python mother is not happy with this and wants her egg back.  Zheng, Ma Fen and Xiao Xiao end up captured by Loa Si but mama python crashes the party.     

“King Serpent Island” AKA "She Wang Dao" AKA "Se Wong Dou" was released in 2021 and was directed by Huanxiang Chen.  It is a Chinese fantasy horror movie. 

The movie is in Mandarin.  It does have English subtitles, but they come fast and furious.  They are on screen for a split second so reading them is a bit of a challenge.  There is a lot of action going on.  Much of it is fight scenes, but there is some snake action, one of them being the very big titan python.

As for snakes there really aren’t that many of them and most of them are CGI.  There are, however, a few smaller real ones sprinkled in here and there.  There is one interesting scene with what looks like a real red banded snake that gets milked.  Despite the lack of snakes on King Serpent Island the scenes with the CGI python are action filled and make up for the low snake count.  The CGI is OK but not great.  Most of the scenes where the python kills people are done off screen.    

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