Mike Waters (Bill Whitton) is a reporter for a newspaper.  His girlfriend Ann (Ann Hollis) also works there.  Mike is sent out to see a man named Alucard (Vince Kelley) about reopening an old mine that is located on his property.  The trip up and back will take a long time, so Mike cancels his date with Ann and heads out. 

When he gets to the mine, he meets Alucard.  Alucard is actually Dracula.  Alucard puts a spell on Mike and turns him into a Jackalman.  He names his creation Irving Jackalman.  Alucard then instructs Jackalman to bring him a woman every night.

Jackalman captures a woman for Alucard.  The vampire then instructs him to bring him two more women.  He promises to let Jackalman have one of them after he has finished with them.  Jackalman proves to be a devoted servant, until Ann ends up being one of Alucard’s victims.    

 “Dracula: The Dirty Old Man” was released in 1969 and was written and directed by William Edwards.  It is a low budget comedy horror soft core porn movie.

According to some sources the original soundtrack was bad or damaged, so it was dubbed in the studio.  Others say that Edwards decided to go another way and changed the film from a serious porn film to a comedy porn film.  The dubbing was then changed to incorporate a lot of really lame comedic dialogue, some of them, reportedly, adlibbed.  Whatever happened, the movie turned into a really badly dubbed comedy and Alucard turned into a Jewish comedian.  It’s kinda like watching an MST3k episode but with lots of boobs.

There really isn’t any plot to the movie.  It’s just a guy in a jackal head kidnapping women for a guy in vampire fangs to fondle.  If you’re looking for anything more than that, you’ve come to the wrong place.  The budget is miniscule.  There isn’t a lot of blood, but there is some.  Blood isn’t the main attraction, boobs are.  The movie is difficult to find but still has a cult following.  Mostly twelve-year-old boys.

My favorite special effects are the bats on a stick.  The same Jackal mask was used for this movie as well as for “Mummy and the Curse of the Jackal” 1969. 

In the beginning credits, the names of the actors playing Waters/Jackalman and Marge are switched. 

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