When medieval magician Boetius (Klaus Kinski) prays for an angel to award him, what he calls, the secret of secrets, a bright light suddenly appears overhead.  Soon the people of the village and countryside report the presence of a dragon.  The villagers, afraid for their lives and livestock, want the Count of Rue (Jose Vivo) to have the dragon slain and refuse to pay their taxes until he does. 

The Count suffers from various ailments that Boetius treats him for.  Friar Lupo (Fernando Rey) is jealous of Boetius and tries to undermine his position in the eyes of the Count.  One of the Count’s guards, Klever (Harvey Keitel) wants to be a knight and wants to marry the Count’s daughter, Princess Alba (Maria Lamor).  The princess is not interested in Klever or anyone else and just wants some freedom. 

Alba slips away with her lady-in-waiting (Julieta Serrano) and goes swimming in a nearby lake.  Suddenly something pulls her under the water.  The lady-in-waiting thinks that it is the dragon, and it has kidnapped the princess.  The count and his soldiers, with Klever in the lead, go to the lake to do battle with the dragon.  Suddenly an alien spaceship emerges from the lake and flies away.  Believing that the princess is dead, a funeral mass is held.  Suddenly Princess Alba returns in a daze.  Boetius hypnotizes the Princess and learns that she has fallen in love with an alien astronaut named IX (Miguel Bose).  Boetius goes to the spaceship and is given the secret of restoring youth.  The alien comes to the castle and takes Alba away.

Friar Lupo conspires with Klever to imprison Boetius and the Count.  Klever and Friar Lupo take Boetius to the spaceship where Klever challenges the dragon spaceship and IX, who he believes to be a knight, to a fight to the death.   

“Star Knight” AKA “El caballero del dragon” AKA “The Knight of the Dragon” was released in 1985 and was directed by Fernando Colomo.  It is a Spanish fantasy film.

This is one of those strange movies that you are not sure if it is supposed to be a comedy, a children’s film, or what.  The movie is definitely cheesy and silly.  The actual concept of the film is a good one, but the execution of it not so much.  The dialogue tries to sound like a medieval play but ends up being more of a Monty Python concept of someone from the Bronx in a medieval play.  Come to think of it, Monty Python could have done a much better job with the idea.  At least with them you know it is supposed to be funny.  The best part of the film is the spaceship effects and the alien spacesuit.   

The movie does boast some interesting names.  With Harvey Keitel, Fernando Rey and Klaus Kinski there is no lack of talent, just taste.  It is one of the few times that Klaus Kinski plays a good guy.  Spanish pop singer Miguel Bose, who plays the androgynous alien IX, communicates to Princess Alba and Boetius telepathically and has no lines in the film.