The spaceship Magellan, commanded by Captain Connolly (West Buchanan), is being drawn toward asteroid XQ117 by a magnetic field.  Conley decides to land on the asteroid and investigate why, all of a sudden, the asteroid is behaving differently.  Connolly lands the Magellan on the asteroid.  He and his second in command, Lt. Vassilov (Massimo Bonetti), begin exploring.  When they are attacked by some unknown creatures the Magellan takes off.  It is then pursued by two alien ships.  The Magellan manages to warn Altair, the Earth space base, before the ship disappears. 

The two alien ships head toward Earth.  Security Chief, Captain Mike Layton (John Richardson), is summoned.  Mike has been working on an outer defense system for Earth, but it is untested.  With no choice Mike implements the defense system.  One of the ships is destroyed, but the other manages to escape and lands on Earth.

The aliens are from a race that is slowly dying.  They are ruled by a supercomputer that needs the aliens to maintain it.  The computer can replicate humans and replace them with the aliens.  Colonel Dawson (Gaetano Balestrieri), Dr. Helen Parker (Gisela Hahn) and Professor Burton (Lucio Rosato) are sent to investigate where the ship landed.  On the way they are intercepted by the aliens and replicated. 

When the aliens try to intercept Mike and his girlfriend, Diane Green (Yanti Somer), they are saved by an alien from another planet called Gallimede.  The alien, Irk (Walter Maestosi) and his son, Azar (Massimo De Cecco) tell Mike and Diane that the attacking aliens are Gonians and they plan on invading Earth.  If they succeed, they will then invade Gallimede.  He tells them that the entire universe is in danger.

Mike knows that he needs to fix the Earth’s defense system and repel the aliens; otherwise, the Earth is lost.  But the aliens capture Mike, Diane, Irk and Azar and bring them aboard the alien mother ship, where they come face to face with the demonic supercomputer.     

"Battle of the Stars" AKA “Cosmo 2000” AKA “Battaglie negli spazi stellar” was released in 1978 and was directed by Alfonso Brescia.  It is an Italian science fiction space opera.  It is the second of the four outer space movies done by Brescia.  The other films were “Cosmos: War of the Planets” 1977 AKA “Year Zero War in Space”, “War of the Robots” 1978 AKA “Reactor” and “Star Odyssey” 1979 AKA “Space Odyssey”.

This is one of two Brescia space operas that featured John Richardson as the lead.  The other was “War of the Planets”.  Richardson is best known for playing Tumak in “One Million Years B.C.” 1966.  Co-star, Yanti Somer was in all four of Brescia’s space operas as were a lot of the other actors in the film.  The same props and costumes as well as some of the footage from Brescia’s other space movies were cannibalized both for and from this film.  The credits state that the actors are listed in alphabetical order.  In the “Cosmo 2000” version of the film, they are not.

Another thing that all of Brescia’s films have in common is that they are long and, for the most part, boring.  Everything from acting to directing is bad and everything from story line to editing is confusing and scattered.  

Plots, movie titles, movie information and even some reviews on YouTube and IMDB are all mixed up.  For correct information on these movies, you need to look here.  I actually watched them all.

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