Dr. George Zizerman (Chris Cordell) is a genetics scientist.  He managed to acquire some research papers from WWII and Nazi Germany.  The Nazi’s had been doing experiments on gene editing using genetic material that they believe may be alien.  Zizerman picked up where they left off.  He harvested it and replicated it.  He then used various animals as hosts to try to recreate the creatures.  The company he worked for, Biotech closed down the project and fired Zizerman for unethical practices.  Zizerman continued his experiments in his home.  One of the animals he used was a spider.  The resulting creature grew larger than he expected and killed Zizerman.

Linda Buxton (Nicola Wright) works for a radio station and has a morning radio show about true crime.  Lately the ratings have slipped and her bosses, Shauna Rowe (Kate Sandison) and Lorena Taplin (Danielle Scott) are not happy.  Shauna tells her that if she doesn’t come up with a new angle, she will be cancelled.  Linda has two daughters, Lucy (Sarah Alexandra Marks) and Belle (Chelsea Greenwood).  Lucy has just returned from service duty.  Belle is pregnant and due to give birth any day now.  When the daughters find out that Linda’s job is in jeopardy, they decide that she needs to reinvent the show and instead of just reporting about crime, she needs to solve one.  They volunteer to help her.  Lucy tells her about Zizerman, his unexplained disappearance, and the rumor of secret experiments.

Linda talks her bosses into letting her and her daughters do the story, but they insist on going with her.  Belle convinces her baby’s father Daniel (Clint Gordon) to go as well.  When they reach the house, there is no answer.  Linda and Lucy break into the back door.  They tell everyone else that the door was open.  They all enter the house.  It’s not long before they realize that they have walked into a nightmare.          

“Spider in the Attic” AKA “Spider From the Attic” was released in 2021 and was directed by Scott Jeffrey.  It is a low budget British science fiction horror movie.

I decided to watch the movie because of the title.  “Spider in the Attic” is a great title for a horror movie.  Unfortunately, it is attached to this film.  The opening scene is really creepy and scary.  After that it’s a bunch of people arguing and whining.  Even when they are in the spooky house, they continue to whine.  They are so wrapped up in their petty arguments that they pay no attention to the spider webs everywhere, and they have no idea that these creatures are crawling all over the house.

It took a long time before the movie got interesting again.  Then it had a rather ambiguous ending that left me not sure if I liked the movie or not.  In addition, the acting was so-so, and the film was dark enough that it was difficult to see what was going on.  The CGI wasn’t the best, but since it was difficult to see the spider-like creatures, it didn’t much matter.  The spiders themselves were actually cool looking.  They were a cross between a spider, a scorpion and the “Alien” face-hugger.  Perhaps that was where the alien DNA came from.  They are creepy enough, but they aren’t used very well.  They spend most of their time in the background creeping along.

There are some uneasy moments and some scary moments, unfortunately there’s a lot of nothing in the middle.

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