Even the spiders are funny.

This is number 4 on our list of how to make a monster. “Man made disaster such as atomic testing, pollution or other world disruption of the natural order of things that alters the normal structure of a creature creating a monster.”

Chemical waste is accidentally dumped into a pond. The waste infects the crickets that live near the pond. The local crickets from that pond are fed to spiders as a food source. The infected crickets cause a reaction in the spiders making them giant. They kill a local spider farmer named Joshua (Tom Noonan). The spiders escape from the spider farm. Now the town of Prosperity Arizona is also infected but by the spiders that are now not only giant, but really hungry. Chris McCormick (David Arquette) has just come back to town. He and Sheriff Samantha Parker (Kari Wuhrer) are in the middle of this freak fest. How can they survive let alone conquer this menace ready to turn the town into an arachnia fast food joint?

“8 Legged Freaks” was released in 2002 and was directed by Ellory Elkayem.

This movie is part camp, part horror and all around funny. Everything about it is done with tongue in cheek. (I swear I heard “Itsy Bitsy Spider” played on tubas.) Acting, characters, script, pace, special effects are all great. There’s plenty of action in between the laughs. There’s less gore than normal horror movies but I didn’t mind. I still got monsters. Lots and lots and lots of monsters.

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