We never seem to run out of mad scientists.

This is your basic mad scientist who creates zombie monsters movie. I’m ready for that. Start the movie. OK. The first thing that happens is a zombie person breaks into a house and confronts the owner. Apparently the voice of the zombie is someone the owner knows. The owner takes out a gun and shoots the zombie. The zombie being a zombie doesn’t even flinch. The next things we see are two shadows on the wall. One the owner and one the zombie. So far so good. The shadow of the zombie picks up the shadow of the homeowner like he’s going to body slam the guy and….breaks the owners back in one nauseating crack. It was the grossest thing I’ve never seen in a long time. It was so unexpected and so quick.

After I calmed down I watched the rest of the movie. A gangster (Michael Granger) finances a mad doctor’s experiments reanimating dead people. The doctor (Gregory Gaye) of course is looking to help people with diseases. The gangster wants to use the dead people to kill his enemies. A police doctor (Richard Denning) is trying to find out what is happening and how it’s being done.

The doctor is using radioactive energy and electronic brain stimulation of the amygdala to reanimate 8 dead people that were stolen from the morgue. The zombies are either killing people or staging disasters.

Produced by Sam Katzman “Creature with the Atom Brain” is a combination of Science Fiction and thriller. The pace of the movie is good. There is always something going on. Either a clue being gained or a murder or terrorist attempt being perpetrated. You never actually see a murder on screen. You see either those dreaded shadows or a hand reaching for a door knob or just a closed door which made it a little spooky. Except for the cracking noise whenever someone is broken in half I liked the movie.

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