May we serve you Earth men?

There were quite a few movies done in the 50’s and 60’s where apparently movie producers believed that there were planets that were populated with nothing but hot women wearing leotards. “Cat Women of the Moon” is one of those movies.

Five astronauts are traveling to the dark side of the moon. They are relaxing on their patio lounge chairs as they rocket through space. They are on a scientific expedition. The members of the expedition are Laird Grainger (Sonny Tufts), Kip Reissner (Victor Jory), Walter 'Walt' Walters (Douglas Fowley), Douglas 'Doug' Smith (William Phipps) and Helen Salinger (Marie Windsor).

When they get to the moon, they begin their exploration. They find a cave that has an atmosphere. Deep in the cave are the last vestiges of a dying civilization. The civilization is represented by eight women who have Latin names that represent numbers. They wear weird make-up and dance numbers that are only one step above airport flag signaling. They want to steal the spaceship, go to earth and rule it. They are telepathic and have been influencing the only female member of the crew; however, their telepathy does not work on men. The cat-women can also teleport from one place to another within their underground city.

Part of the rocket set for the movie came from “Project Moonbase”. Two of the spacesuits came from Destination Moon”. The spider from “Cat-Women” was also used in “Missile to the Moon”. I’m not sure where the rolling desk chairs with the seat belts came from.

“Cat Women” was remade in 1958 as “Missile to the Moon”. Was the remake better? No. Was it worse? No. Although I will say that the dance number in “Missile to the Moon” was better than the yoga poses from “Cat Women”. Both movies have similar plots. And both movies are relatively bad. But for some reason I liked “Missile to the Moon” better than “Cat women of the moon”. Maybe it’s those darn rock monsters.

If you are looking for action, adventure, on the edge science fiction accuracy and eye popping special effects don’t look here. If you are looking for black leotarded clones with bee hive hairdos and Mr. Spock eyebrows, have I got a movie for you.

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