"Like all the ships in the world have come here to die."

A cargo ship with a motley crew of passengers, each one with their own inner demons, is caught in a hurricane. On board is a dangerous cargo ready to explode, they are taking on water and most of the crew mutinies. They abandon ship. Adrift in the boat tempers flare. Then they end up in man eating seaweed. After floating around for awhile they end up back at the ship.

The ship is stuck in the killer seaweed. One passenger is killed by a giant octopus. Then they are attacked by decedents of the Conquistadors, Pirates and the Spanish Inquisition. There are man eating scorpions, man eating crabs, man eating plants. Everything is basically man eating. All along people are being picked off one by one. A shark, killer seaweed, giant octopus, etc. etc.

"The Lost Continent" was released in 1968 and was directed by Michael Carreras and Leslie Norman. The film was produced by Hammer studios and it appears that Hammer flipped its lid. This is one weird movie.

I had high hopes for the movie unfortunately I ended up not being very impressed with it. A lot happens either at night, or in the fog, or at night in the fog so some stuff is a little dark. I’m also not sure why they called it the “Lost Continent” when most of the movie happens on either the tramp steamer or the Pirate ship. The monsters, what I could see of them, were dopey looking, but I was OK with that. I never judge a movie by its dumb looking monsters, as long as there are a lot of them. And this movie had quite a few.

I suppose part of my reaction is based on how much everybody else loved it. That’s OK too. A fan base is a fan base. I have my guilty pleasures too. Some that other people would wonder why. It’s just didn’t live up to the hype, at least for me.

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