The Wildenbruck family goes back generations and lives in a rambling castle. Tobias (Rudolf Schundler) is the patriarch of the family. He has three granddaughters, Kitty, Eveline, and Franziska. Kitty and Eveline are constantly fighting and have been since childhood. When they were young, Eveline was fascinated by a painting that hung in the castle. Tobias tells the girls that the painting depicts the story of a family curse.

According to Tobias the two women in the picture were sisters that hated each other. Over the years they were known as the Red Queen and the Black Queen. The Black Queen endured her sister’s evil ways in silence. When they were adults, the Red Queen fell in love with a man. The Black Queen took her revenge and killed the Red Queen by stabbing her seven times with a dagger. A year later the Red Queen came back to life and committed seven murders. Six of them random, but the seventh was the Black Queen. She then returned to her grave forever. Since then, every hundred years, the curse would return and two sisters of the Wildenbruck family would again kill and be killed. The next cycle of the curse would come due in fourteen years.

Thirteen years later Kitty and Eveline are having a fight when Kitty accidentally kills Eveline. Franziska (Marina Malfatti) and her husband Herbert Zieler (Nino Korda) cover up the accident. They tell Tobias that Eveline went to America to live.

A year later people begin to see the red cloaked Eveline running around in the dark. Tobias sees a red cloaked woman like the one in the old picture. Tobias dies from a heart attack caused by fear. He is the first in a line of people who are murdered by the Red Queen.

“The Red Queen Kills Seven Times” AKA “La dama rossa uccide sette volte” AKA “Blood Feast” was released in 1972 and was directed by Emilio Miraglia. It is an Italian murder horror mystery and a giallo. The film is a joint venture between Italy, West Germany and Monaco.

This is your basic giallo film, a slightly complicated story line, some blood and gore and a little nudity to round it off. It’s not a bad little film and it has some nice little gothic touches. It can be a little confusing at times but not enough to take away the enjoyment of the film. It is a little lesser known than other gialli.


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