Will Ziffel (Bill Hedges) and Penny (Penny and Judy Hedges) are safe and cozy in Bill’s spaceship, “Andromeda”, as a storm rages outside on the surface of an alien planet.  Will reminisces about the time, a year ago, when he and Penny first met.

On a far-off planet a portal opens, and a black cat comes through.  Will is in the Andromeda watching the magnetic storm brewing outside when he sees the cat sitting on the ledge outside the spaceship’s main porthole window.  Curious and concerned that the cat may be hungry he brings it inside.  The cat begins playing with a gold medallion that Will’s lost love, Lenore, gave him.  The medallion is special to Will, and he mildly chastises the cat.  When the cat runs off Will feels bad and goes looking for it.  

Following the cat’s trail, he sees it disappear into an Egyptian style mirror.  Questioning out loud to himself about what is going on he is answered by a raven that is perched in a nearby tree.  The mirror is a portal that allows the cat to come and go through various dimensions and times.  It is an intergalactic transporter.  The raven explains that the next electrical storm will reverse the flux polarity and close the portal.  If the cat is outside the portal, it will no longer be able to return through it.  If the cat is inside the portal, it will remain there.  Will looks into the mirror but can see nothing but his own reflection.  Leaving him no other option, Will returns to his spaceship.

When the cat returns to the Andromeda Will begins talking to it.  Will, and the cat spend a lot of time bonding with each other and develop a deep affection.   Will is still mourning Lenore but the cat’s company fills a lot of the void.  He calls her his lucky penny.  One night, as another electrical storm begins to brew the cat sees a creature steal Lenore’s medallion.  Penny follows the creature out into the developing storm.  Will finds both Penny and the medallion gone.  Believing Penny is responsible; Will’s reaction will test their bond and possibly affect their future.

“You Had Me At Meow” was released in 2022 and was written, directed, and stars Bill Hedges.  It is the sixth episode of the home-grown Cosmic Cat series.  The episode is about 20 minutes long and is a romantic comedy episode with every cliché and trope that rom-coms are known and loved for.  There is even a “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” style rain scene and some appropriately smarmy public domain music.  Although romantic comedies are not my favorite, I have to say that I did laugh out loud more than once while watching.

Also incorporated in the script are many references to Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven”, both in the raven’s conversation with Will and to Will’s lost love Lenore.  The character Lenore was prominent in episode 3 “What the Cat Dragged In”.  This was also the episode where the no name cat first went through the mirror portal.

The voice of the raven was done by Katie Otten; she also plays the waitress in the space diner.  Since close-ups were required in the rain sequence, Penny was required to do her own stunt work.  Consummate actor that she is, Penny did the scene in one take.

Cosmic Cat is produced by Cosmic Films Studio.  Bill uses a combination of real sets, green screen, miniatures and old-fashioned special effects to create alien planets in a retro style reminiscent of the science fiction television programs of the sixties.

Bill’s experiments with different genres are providing some clever and interesting episodes.  His passion is our joy.



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