James (Ben Miller) is stuck in traffic when a sink hole opens up and a worker falls in.   He is then snatched by a giant beetle.  No anomaly was triggered so it is believed the creature has been here for a while.  He notifies Jess (Ruth Kearney).  The team is assembled to determine what it is and find it.

Philip (Alexander Siddig) tries to feel Matt (Ciaran McMenamin) out to see if Danny (Jason Flemyng) told him about his knowing Helen (Juliet Aubrey).  Matt is tightlipped.  Philip shows Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) his New Dawn project.  He proposes to extract energy from the anomalies to eliminate the world’s energy crisis.  He wants Connor to be a part of the project and assigns him an assistant, April Leonard (Janice Byrne).  April is also spying on Connor and reporting back to Philip.

Matt, Abby (Hannah Spearritt) and Becker (Ben Mansfield) find the subterranean insect.  They use their EMD’s (Electro Muscular Disruption weapons) but find that they have no effect on the insect.  They make a hasty retreat and order some lethal weapons.  Eventually Connor joins the team as they try to track the insect.  It resurfaces at a backyard picnic and pulls a man underground.  When the team gets there, it resurfaces again, pulls Connor underground, and drags him back to its nest.   

Matt confides in Abby that he is from the future and is trying to stop the destruction of the world.  He asks Abby for her help. 

Episode 1 of season 5 features a Giant Burrowing Insect from the future.  The insects live in colonies and live mostly underground.  They find their prey based on vibrations of the earth.  They are armor plated and normal Electro Muscular Disruptors have no effect on them.  They can only be killed by regular projectiles fired into their faces.  It is the first creature to enter the present from the sterile Earth future.  This is the future that Matt came from.

The New Dawn Machine was constructed by Prospero Industries at the New Dawn Facility for Philip Burton.  The machine’s purpose was to create a stable anomaly that would close down all the other anomalies cropping up.  When put online, during the convergence the machine was supposed to not only close all the other anomalies but be able to generate unending energy for the planet. 

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