Fourteen years ago, three teens break into an empty house.  Two of them disappear. 

In present day, Nick (Douglas Henshall) is developing a theory on predicting where the next anomaly will appear and building a 3-D Maxtrix to prove his theory.  He still needs to find a way to determine when they will happen.  For the time being he sends Abby (Hannah Spearritt), Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) and Jenny (Lucy Brown) to the location to scope it out.  The location is the same empty house where the two boys vanished years ago.  While looking through the house they are confronted by a local detective, Danny Quinn (Jason Flemying), who accuses them of being murder tourists.

An investigation into the house reveals the disappearance of the boys and that Danny is the older brother of one of them.  Jenny and Connor try to talk to the only boy to survive, Ryan Mason (Bertie Carvel).  Ryan finally tells them about hearing screaming and then seeing a flickering light, then some kind of creature screaming.  While he is explaining what happened Abby is in the house.  She is startled by the sight of a creature that can blend in with its surroundings.  She falls on the stairs and is knocked unconscious.    

In the meantime, Helen (Juliet Aubrey) sends a Cleaner Clone (Tim Faraday) into ARC to steal a piece of Nick’s clothing.  At Nick’s locker he is confronted by Becker (Ben Mansfield) and is killed.  Nick is shocked to see the man that he watched die by a Silurian Scorpion return from the dead.  He doesn’t know that the Cleaner is a clone, but he is sure that Helen is behind it.

Episode 2 of season 3 features a future predator referred to as the Camouflage Beast.  Camouflage Beasts, were fast and agile humanoid creatures.  They had the ability to camouflage themselves against numerous backgrounds by chemically changing the tone of their skin.

The house with the bridge over the canal used in the episode is the Eyot house. It is located on an island in the Thames between Weybridge and Shepperton.

The Matrix was an Anomaly map, created by Nick Cutter.  The intricate map was supposed to predict the locations of upcoming Anomalies by identifying past anomalies based on legends and myths from previous civilizations that talked about legendary creatures.  Nick first thought of the concept based on the legend of Ammut, the Pristichampsus-like creature.

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