Connor (Andrew Lee Potts) has been working on the anomaly detection system.  While Nick (Douglas Henshall), Stephen (James Murray), Abby (Hannah Spearritt), Jenny (Lucy Brown) and Oliver (Karl Theobald) look on, he gives the gang a demonstration on how it works.  In the middle of his demonstration Oliver receives a call concerning a new creature attack.  If that is true, the machine should have alerted on that fact.  Connor is perplexed but has no time to dwell on the issue.

The call came from The Blue Sky Theme Park.  One of their visitors was attacked by an unknown animal during a paintball game.  The gamer was shredded by something with long claws.  Abby says it looks similar to a lion attack or some other big cat.  Connor is confident that there is no anomaly.  Jenny talks to the park manager, Peter (Rick Warden) and his assistant Valerie (Gillian Kearney) telling them to keep things under wraps until they can sort everything out.

At first the team thinks that the big cat could be one that escaped from a private zoo.  Supposition is put to rest when Park Manager Peter gets killed by a sabre tooth tiger at the nearby train station.  A train fanatic taking night pictures photographed the big cat in action.

While trying to dig a trap for the cat, Nick finds a body buried in the dirt with similar wounds.  Nick realizes that the paintballer was not the first victim.  Someone buried the cat’s kill.  This means the cat has been around longer than anyone realized, and someone is hiding it.            

Connor’s new girlfriend Caroline (Naomi Bentley) and ARC’s Oliver Leek are up to something really slimy.

Episode 3 of season 2 features a Smilodon.  The Smilodon AKA Sabre Tooth Tiger roamed North and South America during the Pleistocene age.  The large predatory cat had two long fangs in its upper jaw.  It would use its fangs to crush the throat of its prey.

The episode was filmed at Thorpe Park Resort in the village of Thorpe, UK and the Forest of Dean railway station in the UK.  The Forest of Dean is a region in the western part of the county of Gloucestershire, England.  It contains one of the surviving ancient woodlands in England.

The Anomaly Detection Device or ADD was created by Connor.  The device could detect anomalies anywhere in the UK.  Eventually it was upgraded to be able to detect anomalies worldwide, 24/7.  There were two versions of the device.  The first was a large detector at ARC.  There was also a much smaller handheld version that could be taken into the field.  The detector was based on monitoring radio waves.  It appears that anomalies interrupted radio waves transmitted on the 87.6 FM frequency.  Once detected the device emitted a loud alarm and would display the anomaly’s coordinates. 

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