Basil and Sybil Fawlty have been married 15 years.  Last year Basil forgot their 14th anniversary and severely regretted it.  This year he has plans to have a surprise anniversary party for Sybil but, in the meantime, pretends to have forgotten it again.  Basil takes the charade too far when Sybil storms out leaving Basil with guests coming and no Sybil to surprise.

The Fawltys’ friends begin to arrive.  To cover for Sybil’s absence Basil lies and tells them that she is ill.  Naturally all their friends are concerned for Sybil and want to go up and see how she is.  Basil keeps adding symptoms to the fictitious Sybil’s illness.  Polly tries to help.  Eventually Basil is forced to let everyone upstairs to look at the nonexistent Sybil.  In a desperate move he pays Polly to pretend to be a sick Sybil confined to her bed.         

In the kitchen Miguel tries to cook paella.  Terry takes offense to someone else in his kitchen.

In this episode, the sign in front of the hotel says Flowery Twats.

This is the first and only appearance of Cybil’s friend Audrey.  Audrey was played by Christine Shaw.

Reportedly a written “lost” scene was found in 2022.  The scene was never shot but it is supposed to be of Basil climbing out the bedroom window in an effort to avoid having sex with a drunken Sybil who was trying to make up. 

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