An unmarried young couple, Alan and Jean arrive at the hotel looking for a room.  Basil isn’t happy with their obvious displays of affection to each other.  He tries to give them two single rooms apart from each other, but they want a double.  Sibyl interferes and gives them a connecting room.  It is also Manuel’s birthday, and he celebrates too much.  Basil tries to get Manuel up from the hallway floor but ends up down there with him.  The young couple sees the situation and thinks that Basil and Manuel are gay lovers.

In the meantime, a French antique dealer, Mrs. Peignoir (Yvonne Gilan) keeps making advances at Basil.

In addition, an older couple arrives at the hotel, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd (Conrad Phillips and Diana King).  They are the parents of Jean and are there for the wedding of Alan and their daughter.  The couple is friends with Polly.  Due to a series of strange events Basil begins to think that Polly is having an affair with both Alan and Mr. Lloyd.

In this episode the Fawlty Tower sign has a crooked W and is missing the L and S.

The episode has a scene where Basil hits Manuel over the head with a frying pan.  Unfortunately, Cleese grabbed the wrong pan and hit him with a real one.  Sachs had a headache for days. 

The hotel the series is based on, “The Gleneagles”, was demolished in 2015.  A retirement home was built in its place.  The home was named Sachs Lodge in memory of Andrew Sachs, who played Manuel in the show.  Sachs died in 2016.

There are three permanent residents at the hotel, Major Gowen (Ballard Berkeley), Miss Tibbs (Gilly Flower) and Miss Gatsby (Renee Roberts).  All three are elderly people that have lived there for some time.    

In 1976 and 1980, Fawlty Towers won the British Academy Television Award for Best Scripted Comedy.

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