Mark (Gerald Flood) and Peter (Stewart Guidotti) are put on board the Cayan submarine.  Realizing that their days are number they need to come up with some way to notify the Royal Navy where they are.  Until they come up with something, they decide to play along, hoping that Swendler (Denis Goacher) will lower his guard.  Peter will work on the communication device and Mark will write his articles. 

Professor Westfield (Hayden Jones) visits Ann (Caroline Blakiston) at her laboratory.  Ann reminds him that she is supposed to be in solitary confinement for allowing Peter to try to sabotage Aegiria.  Westfield doesn’t take the orders seriously until a guard threatens him. 

Westfield and Ann confront Ziebrecken (Aubrey Morris).  Ziebrecken tells Westfield that if he doesn’t obey orders he too will be sentenced to death.  Both Professor Westfield and Dr. Ann Boyd realize that Professor Ziebrecken is indeed insane and is bent on world domination.  Now under armed guard, Westfield and Ann begin trying to find a way to send a message for help.

Mark and Peter devise a way to send an impulse from Westfield’s radio through the receiver on the Cayan to the timing mechanism on one of the underwater missiles.  The next time Aegiria sends out a test signal, the missile will explode.  The Royal Navy, in cooperation with governments all over the world, has been monitoring the Pacific region.  All they need is another explosion. 

Westfield and Ann have a similar scheme in mind to notify the outside world where Aegiria is located.  Their plan, however, is not as successful.     

Aubrey Morris, who plays the diabolically insane Nazi ruler of Aegiria was born Aubrey Steinberg in 1926.  One of the best British character actors, Morris had roles in “Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb” 1971, “A Clockwork Orange” 1971, “The Wicker Man” 1973 and “Lifeforce” 1985 as well as appearances in dozens of television shows.   

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