Madam Gamboule (Claude Farell), who represents Intel, finds out from the computer technician, Abu Zeki (David Saire) that the computer is working.  He also tells her that it was Andre (Susan Hampshire) that got it started.

Fleming (Peter Halliday) notices that Andre’s personality once again changed as soon as the computer began to work.  She also seems to have some issues with her health.  Fleming asks Dawnay (Mary Morris) to have Andre examined.  The examination shows that Andre has some sort of a chemical imbalance, and she is slowly dying.

Colonel Salim (Barry Lineham) and Intel have instructed Andre, and the computer, to design an improved missile system similar to the one that was done for the British.   With the help of Intel and the computer, Colonel Salim overthrows the President (Arnold Yarrow) and takes over Azaran.

In the meantime, the world’s weather is becoming unstable.  All over the world there are floods, hurricanes and vicious storms.  Madeleine Dawnay (Mary Morris) is trying to find out what is causing the changes in the weather.    

In Azaran, Andre reveals the 'message' to Madame Gamboule.

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